Hi, and thank you for visiting my paperdemon gallery. =3  Some of you may know me from deviantART, so if I'm familiar that's why.

This gallery is an attempt to broaden my audiences and make my artwork more widely known.  My art may vary from fan art to original art.  I'm more skeptical about putting original art on because most of it are of characters from a story I plan on publishing--so please keep that in mind--but I will occasionally post pictures of them.  As you can tell by my name I'm a Zeldatard. ^^;  So most of my fanart will consist of Legend of Zelda.

I also love to write.  Again, I am skeptical about putting my original literature on.  The only original writing I will post are things that I don't plan on publishing to the public in the future.  This means I will not post the story I have mentioned prior to this.  However I will definitely post all my fanfictions that I deem as decent.

A little bit about me...

Right now I am studying music at college and plan to be a band director in the future (my main instrument is french horn, by the way).  Even though I'm not majoring in graphic arts or writing, I definitely plan to take those talents with me into the future and continue to persue them.

I love video games, music, writing, reading, drawing, and just making things with my hands in general.  I love, love, love to watch anime and read manga, too. =3

My other art/writing galleries:


Sheezy Art

Fanart-Central (old, old, old gallery...)


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Latest writing

  • Cover for Little Glass Shoppe

    Little Glass Shoppe

    A poem describing a glass shop.

  • Cover for To Talk With A Dead Man

    To Talk With A Dead Man

    "It was another soldier...fallen like him. However his face was mangled and twisted, coated with a sheet of dark blood...A white mist descended and he could have sworn that the dead man’s mouth twitched. He...gazed a little closer." one-shot

  • Cover for Academic Festival Overture

    Academic Festival Overture

    What happens when a man of lower class and a man that has attained the title of lordship are in love with the same woman, who happens to be the princess? It is a heated battle of passionate rivalry! LinkxZelda--one-shot--

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