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*~I'm an artist, a writer, a lover, not a fighter..~*

Hi there! Im Serra (or ittermat) Im certainly no one special..just your average social anxiety ridden art type person who likes to draw, is a secret nerd for animation, video games and art supplies and crafts, Is the least perfect human being in existence.

Im an Agender Aromantic Asexual and I never want kids and am perfectly content with my animals being my children.. I have a dog (Rycki), Two hermit crabs (Fallow and Rico), two sugar gliders (Kino and yuki), Two Guinea pigs (Suki and mochi), and one goldfish from the fair named Koi. I live in a small two bedroom domicle with my life partner of 2-3 years who I cant live without..

You can usually find me drawing, creating, roleplaying, trying to be creative, watching cartoons and being permanently stuck in the 80's-90s.

I made it my self appointed goal in life to make people smile...

I have carpal tunnel, tendonitis, scoliosis and a whole slew of health problems that makes it hard to draw all the time.. but I do it when I can hahha...

I hope to make at least a better carving for myself in the art world.. Though I know I need alot of practice yet.

However Its now shameless self promotion time.. (Im sorry)

~My Ko-fi~ My Webcomic ~ My Virtual pet site ~ My etsy store ~ My discord server ~ My instagram ~ My facebook fanpage ~

People I love lots!

~Bogusred~ Valbones ~ Duskfire ~

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