I drew naked people! Yay!

Jan 8, 2008, 5:24:59 AM | 4 Comments | 2 min read

Yes I did! Well just one actually today in my life drawing class. This was my first life drawing class and I was kinda awkward about it the first half of the class but the second half I was a little more chill. The damn teacher was making me nervous though! He kept lurking behind me and staring at my drawings and stuff I was all "Oh God he thinks I suck! DX Go away!" and then he was all "You keep drawing her head to small." and then I died... lol it was nerve racking XD

OMG! and then a friend of my brothers came up to me and was all "Hey, what class do you have?" and I said "Life drawing." And he was all "Does the teacher know you're Casey's sister?" (Casey is my older brother he's kind of infamous at the school for being a kick ass artist XD) I said " No, I hope it stays that way so he doesn't expect uber awesome skills outta me." And then what does he do!? He goes up to the teacher and says "Hey that's Casey's sister!" So NOT cool!! :mad: ass... :annoyed: But all in all that's a cool class the teacher is nice but the guy sure loves to talk XD

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