• Lol, hi...

    Sep 26, 2010, 10:42:08 AM | 1 min read

    This is my first entry on PaperDemon, I think... Recently, I forgot my email and password for this site, but now I got it back, thanks to the wonderful admins here. <3

    Anyway, I posted a ton of artwork today. It's not recent, it's older stuff that I did, but oh well. I need to catch up with all the stuff I've done since I was last active on here. ^^; I hope you'll forgive me. There aren't a lot of watchers on this site, but I still want to keep everything up to date.

    So... I have more stuff to submit, but since I'm almost at the limit for today, I think that's all right now.

    I also have a lot of fanfiction and even some original stories to post, if anyone is interested in seeing more. Thanks.