Uploading art/ Drawing/ Running out of stuff

Jan 16, 2009, 12:06:29 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

Uploading Oldies Just Colored

I'll be uploading old stuff on my art sites that i've colored. It's not that old, but i have new stuff ,so it is old.

Recent Drawings

I've been drawing zOMG crack of my misadventures with this ring whore,and other zOMG related stuff. Web browser games still piss me off ,folks. HORRIBLE lag.

I'm gonna try to draw more skin suits ,nagas (and other mythos), and PRON!

I'm running out of art stuff.

I'm on my very lost TOE now... So if you talk to me and i'm depressed ,suicidal, or just overall insane you know why. I'm gonna do crappy digital shit until i get more paper and stuff. If you wanna donate to help me keep with lil sanity i have I'll accept it. Art stuff or money is fine.

Call it 'begging' and degrade me if you want ,but last i checked 'Ask and tho shall receive' applies to stuff like this. If no one knows there's a problem how can if get fixed?

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