I'm a full-time erotic romance author that uses fan-fiction to try out experimental scenes and fan-art to recharge my creative betteries.

Just so you know, MOST of my work can be found on the Red Curtain side--including many of my writing tutorials.

Ookami Kasumi


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  • Cover for Memory Training

    Memory Training

    How I trained myself to have a Photographic Memory.

  • Cover for Writing HORROR

    Writing HORROR

    When writing a Horror story, one must begin with a Monster. The most terrifying of course, are the ones you don’t notice, or refuse to notice. The ones right next to you.

  • Cover for Crossing Genres

    Crossing Genres

    Every genre has core elements that make that genre that genre. In order to Cross Genres properly, you need to know each of your genre’s distinctive elements and make them Equally Important in the story.

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