I'm a hack writer of questionable fanfiction in the Inuyasha fandom.  I'm also a court reporting student going on her fourth year in a two year program.  Anything that anyone might want to know about me can usually be found in my journal, which is linked above. 

Other than that, not much to say except:

Thanks for stopping by.

Latest writing

  • Cover for Brother's Love

    Brother's Love

    The price of a brother's love, the fall of a sister's tear. Sometimes what is lost isn't meant to be regained.

  • Cover for Iris


    A quiet night beside a sleeping Kagome and a haunting melody that strikes a chord within a hanyou’s mind leads to some reflective moments.

  • Cover for Old Ghosts

    Old Ghosts

    A chance to see him once more, that's all she would ask.

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