In a nutshell:

I love manga, vampires, kitties, Rob Pattinson, writing, cheese, SessKag, and rock. <3

I hate: Spiders (though I don't condone killing them), onions, people who claim to be writers but have an enormous amount of grammatical and spelling errors, animal abusers, and closed-mindedness.

I mostly only write fanfiction for Inuyasha, but maybe someday I'll expand. But I enjoy reading all kinds of ff, especially lemons ;0) I try to keep things as canon as possible, which means going by the manga, not the anime.  I use correct spelling (that means lots of "u"s, lol), and I will include some spoilers occasionally, since I read the new InuYasha's every week.

This is a warning to those that will or have read my stories:  I do NOT appreciate comments where someone falsely accuses me of being incorrect.  That means that if you really don't know, don't criticize me.  I get way too many comments where someone says, "But what about Ayame (IY)???" - (she doesn't exist), or, "Why didn't Sesshoumaru use his poison whip?" - (again, that's only in the anime, he doesn't really posess that power).  But I don't mind if you criticize my lack of knowledge of all things Japanese.  I can sorely lack there.


***I am available for some beta work (oneshots and such) but already beta full-time, so I can't work on a whole story.***

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  • Cover for That's the Way Love Goes

    That's the Way Love Goes

    [Sess/Kag] Two years after Naraku's destruction, Kagome is still fighting demons - literally and figuratively. She is seperated from her group and in big trouble when the most unlikely savior appears. On accident, she entwines their fates forever...

  • Cover for The Breakfast Club-Avatar

    The Breakfast Club-Avatar

    The Breakfast Club, told with the Avatar kids as the characters. I'm doing this as practice/just for fun, so be nice!

  • Cover for Currently Untitled Sci-Fi

    Currently Untitled Sci-Fi

    A chain of events has started that will terrorize people like never before. Not knowing where it started or how to stop it from spreading, the infection carries in animals - for now.

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