Hmm, about me.  Let's see.  I'm a happy-go-lucky, laid back person.  I go with the flow, that is to say, I don't plan much. 

I love music and have it playing just about constantly when I'm in my car or my bedroom.  My tastes in music are... eclectic.  I play piano and have done so for a few years.  Oh, and I sing, all the freakin' time! 

As for my drawing, I'm vastly self-taught.  As much as I would love to, I probably won't update often because my scanner hates me for some unknown reason *shakes fist at scanner*. 

I write too, but I haven't had much inspiration lately.  I think my characters are in hiding or something.  They've been conspicuously quiet.  I think they're planning something... anywho. 

Other random facts:

Currently attending the Art Institute of Phoenix for a bachelor's degree in animation.  In my first quarter (aka, just started).

I love chocolate and all manner of sweet things (as long as it's not coconut)

I've drawn my whole life but didn't start doing so consistantly until about eighth grade.

I've been coloring inside the lines since before I could go to school.

I've fallen in love with the creations of Hayao Miyazaki and am in the process of buying all his works that I can find here in the US.  It's going slowly...

I think that's about all I'm going to put in here...

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