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  • Cover for Incomplete Tier 2 Training

    Incomplete Tier 2 Training

    An incomplete literature featuring Polaris, Osteon, Barghest, Xarxus, Luxifer, and Ambriel.

  • Cover for Training I - Learning to Trust

    Training I - Learning to Trust

    Trust is hard. Trust when you've had it abused before is harder. But when trust becomes a prerequisite for something you want, it is a challenge that can be surmounted. (Dracostryx lit. training entry.)

  • Cover for Yet Another Realm

    Yet Another Realm

    Faladir, Ipala, Devromos and Gaël choose to explore a new world. Ravyne, Zerisint, and Vyxréth are unsure what to make of the newcomers. (Literature for Drakiri ARPG and Gaia's Kijikaiaku.)

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  • Friend's Cat Is Doing Better!

    Sep 30, 2021, 4:00:12 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    My friendo's cat is doing better, though vet bills are still an issue. Just thought I'd update for anyone actually paying me any mind.
  • Friend's Cat Really Needs Help

    Sep 15, 2021, 7:53:40 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read
    A friend of mine's cat needs an expensive treatment to survive (something's happened with his bladder), and the vets won't take payment plans. The fee's close to $2k USD. If anyone can help even
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