I am an unemployed 22 year old hack who lives with his parents and isn't attending school because he can't afford it. When I'm not looking for work or sleeping, I am drawing, and it's not very good work.

My current artistic ambition is to learn as much as I can about the craft and broaden my skills and technique in the field. I want to get into illustration, but my technique is still sloppy and un-refined so it is a slow-going process. From my gallery you will see that I have a lot of terrible, amature anime drawings, and I am struggling to get out of the habit of making multiple unfinished pieces and working to make completed, polished, non-anime pictures.

What I need from this site is encouragement from other members and a strong set of minds to teach me their... MORE BETTER ways. Y'all are great. I wish I was a great as all y'all.




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