Hello there everyone! ^_^ I'm Thea, a 15 year old girl from Newfoundland, who loves to draw, sing and do everything that's great in life :P You guys can all call me Sheena-chan if you want :P Everyone else does :P Anyway, umm, that's it, I hope I make alot of friends here!! :D My artwork mainly consists of anime style art and I am currently working on a manga known as Flaming Destiny!! ^_^ I don't take any requests for it's alot of work for little ole me, but if you're a good friend I'll more than likely take an art trade or collab =D   ------------------------COMMISSIONS---------------------------- ------------
If you were to ask me when I started drawing, I wouldn't be able to tell you at all. For as long as I can remember I've been drawing. I usually stick to the anime/manga style, but I have just begun experimenting with things such as realism. I've developped equal skill in both traditional and digital methods of coloring and enjoy doing both very much.

There are certain things that I need to straighten out. First of all, there are two types of pictures that I do: traditional and digital. Depending on what you would like, you will have to be aware of certain details:

1. For traditional pieces, the completed artwork will be sent by mail. You will have to pay a slightly higher price because of the shipping but nothing drastic. With these, I will show you the pencil sketch first through e-mail, and if you're happy with it, you may go and send your money. Once I receive the money, the finished piece will be sent directly to you. I work with regular printer paper, in an 8.5" x 11" dimension. I ink with pen and color with coloring pencils only and I color with the most time and detail that I can. All of the information here is set and there will be no changing these unless I do myself.

For digital pieces, I use traditionaly inked pictures and then colored in openCanvas. The dimensions of my digitaly colored pictures are rather small, but time, detail and effort will be put into the whole lot. For these pictures you also get to choose the file type. I usually save in Jpeg format, but if you request a certain format, I will try to get it to you like that. I can't make any quality prints, so no shipping is invovled, also, depending on the size it will be, digitaly colored pictures will be cheaper.

2. When you recieve the picture you must agree that it will not be resold, altered or be passed off as your own artwork at anytime. You also must check with me if you're going to use it as some kind of advertisement or a picture on a website. The picture can be resized to your liking.

3. For each type of commission, the sketch will be shown to you first. Once confirmed you like the idea and style of the picture, you must send the money. Once I receive the money, the completed picture will be sent to you by mail/e-mail, and the commission will be complete.

4. What I am willing to draw: Anime/manga style pictures, your OC's, your OC's from an already set series, shonen/shoujo-ai pictures, erotic art to a certain point and costume/outfit designs.

What I will not draw: Fanart of an already copyrighten character, full blown hentai/pornography, anything that's meant to be offensive or hurtful to any religion/race/country or anything else like that.


Seeing as how I don't have a paypal account and that I don't plan on getting one anytime soon, all payments will have to be made by money order. All the money orders will have to be written in Canadian currencies and sent off, as easy as that! ^.^

Digital pictures:

Plain lineart (for anything) = $2
Headshot = $3
Waist up = $4
Full-body = $5

Backgrounds are an extra $2

Traditional pictures:

Plain lineart (for anything) = $5
Headshot = $6
Waist = $7
Full-body = $10

Backgrounds are an extra $3

Depending on how many characters there are in each picture, a slight addition to the price may be included.

Costume and outfit design:

One thing I offer that is unique for me is clothing design. If you have anykind of costume that you have in mind but can't get on paper I'll draw it up for ya! Anykind of outfit as well will be done! I don't make clothes, just design them. These are done traditionaly and the price is as follows:

$10 and up depending on details


Regular order form:

Type of picture: Traditional or digital
Type of picture (2): Lineart, headshot, waist-up, full body??
How many characters in pic:
Reference picture(s):
File type: If digital
Why you want picture: Reasons for the commission, what will you be using the picture for?
Any other details:

Clothing/costume design order form:

Costume or Outfit order form:
Color scheme: What kind of colors will you be wanting?
Type of fashion statement: Meaning what kind of look are you going for with the costume or outfit.
For you or a character: Are you wanting this clothing design for you, or a new outfit for your character?
Character ref and personality: If the new costume or outfit is for the character, what does he/she look like and act like.
Any specific details:


If you agree with everything you see above and are interested in my services then please contact me with a filled out order form via PM/note and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading!!

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