My name is Rosie Wright and I'm a manga writer/illustraitor. I made this account in order to get feedback of any kind (So please feel free to hate mail!). I write comics for fun and as a hobby, so I'm not interested in getting famous from it. However, I wouldn't mind publishing my comics (why hold them back if they truely deserve it? ya know?). I have several facebook accounts devoted to individual comics where you can find fanart, updates, and profiles of characters. The comics included in this site will be:

The Unicorn Comic (1,2,3,&4)

Zombie Kiss


Shallow Graves



Ruination:The Act Of Ruining

I'll try to upload atleast a chapter a week for the Unicorn Comic, but the rest will be randomized.Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests. ANY mail is appreciated! ^-^

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