Hobbyist creator focused on 2 couple projects:

  • Draffectill(Aryena&Billie) - a Dragon&human fantasy story project I started when I was 14
  • Draffectionates(Anna&Tom) - shapeshifting artselves of my life partner(Tom) and me

Please, take your time with my content and approach it without bias. Look beyond appearances. Ask if confused or worried or just ignore and leave, but don't falsely accuse - ever.

I have an overwhelming social&general anxiety and communication issues.

Commissions: rarely for Patrons tier $10 and above
Trades: very rarely, interested in receiving 2-character pieces only
Collaborations: only as a part of a trade (=results in an artwork of my 2 characters, and another of the other artist's)
Requests: never
Roleplay: no, my characters are too personal and their stories/relationships are set
Gifts for Me: canon-friendly art only! (ask if unsure)
Characters for Sale/Trade: only the "virgin" designs I have in my adoptable shop

For 18+ - please refrain from posting "creepy comments" under NSFW depictions of my characters^^;

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