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Type A personality | INTJ-A | Wolverine

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Hello! Feel free to call me Ash or any of the other names up there. On my online time I'm a wolverine. I spend such online time playing ARPGs, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching youtube. I work full time (+overtime) in a warehouse but inside I'm thinking about my characters. All else is mainly just me trying to recover and get my life back on track.

Art Status:

(most of this is a time and lingering mental health issue. If I ask for something specifically first, this list wouldn't apply)

No random art requests ever.

I do not take commissions (maybe ever). I do not take art piece for art piece trades outside of group events.

Trading my art for ARPG game items/slots/etc. is a case by case basis

Drawing my characters in SFW pieces is okay and very appreciated! Please link me ;u;

Gore/violence pieces containing my characters: please ask, it's probably okay.

Sexual NSFW containing my characters: No. Never my precious ARPG babies. I'd have to know you for my other characters to be used.

If you're unsure please ask!

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