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My name is Asher. Feel free to call me that or WolverRot. On my online time I'm a wolverine. I spend such online time playing ARPGs, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching youtube. I work full time (+overtime) in a warehouse but inside I'm thinking about my characters.

Art Status:

I don't take art trades, commissions, or random requests because of time issues.

I don't mind if my arpg creatures are drawn in a sfw way, some light sparring/training, hunting. Gore is fine as long as they aren't the ones being harmed.

ARPG Buy/Sell Preferences:

I prefer to pay for in-game items/characters with cash via paypal. I prefer to sell my own arpg assets for ARs or regular art (or a very specific asset I'm looking for)

Random offers are generally unwanted. I advertise on official discords, and prefer to be contacted there. I will be making a wishlist in the future then feel free to send me random offers then.

(Just bought a gaming computer so none of this right now ;n; i has no monies)

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