well i'm just a 15 year old girl that loves to draw and dream ^^ and well that was it kinda..>>...XD   I have more places where i'm active if you wanted to check my art out there =)

° http://xako.sheezyart.com

° http://nizira-hathor.deviantart.com

° http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/XaKo/ 

or if you feel like to you can paintchat here too it's Great! I always do it at that place and the brushes there are like those in Open canvas!^^


(register and then go to sketcher and then one of the rooms and if you can't get in then you have to download SunJava 5.0 or else you have to contact Thor about your problem!^^)

ps: if you are just there to spam you will get killed by me or the other admins! >(

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