Hello, I'm Zalfa Oriana. I'm a girl. Hobbyist digital artist, animator and newbie music composer.

Ibispaint and flipaclip user



Latest original music/song I've published 

ZalfaOriana - SecretPath

ZalfaOriana - Starshow


Oh yea and my main oc is named Violet now, but you can still call her Zalfa. She's no longer my persona, she's rather like self-insert-oc for me. My current persona is me irl and my fursona is calico cat.


I like arts, musics, books, science, fantasy, magic ect

My favorite colors are violet, magenta-ish pink, and dark blue

My favorite animals are foxes and bunnies (literally predator and prey lol)


Commissions: Closed

Trades: Case by case

Collaborations: Open

Requests: Closed

Roleplay: Case by case

Gifts for Me: Art and literature is okay, be sure to use my main oc (the Violet haired one)

Characters for Sale/Trade: Unavailable 


Don't mind me missing for the entire 2022, now I'm back hehe :D

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