Hi there, I'm Charity! Well, ok, that's not my real name, but you can call me that anyway. :P

I'm eighteen, and come from the land down under (that's Australia, duh :P). Someday I want to be an animator, graphic/web/game designer, or something like that. I guess I'm a bit indecisive... I have just started an animation course though, which is very interesting so far!

I love my games. I'm a big Nintendo fan, and my favourite genre is RPGs; not any particular type, though I've been leaning more towards real-time ones as of late. I generally stay away from FPSes though, unless they have a really good story (BioShock :D). I'm also getting to be a big fan of indie stuff. My favourite series are Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, Elder Scrolls and Knytt (that's an indie one - look it up, it's great!).

Movies? TV? Anime? Don't watch a lot, to be honest (despite having Foxtel and a big TV :P). When I do get some time, I'm usually watching Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network (or just channel surfing if there's nothing good on those XD). My favourite TV series are probably Heroes and Arrested Development, and my fav anime would be Fullmetal Alchemist, but I also like Serial Experiments Lain and Sonic X (subbed Japanese, not that 4Kids crud!).

Anyways, enough about my interests. I'm mainly here for the art, although I do write from time to time. Most of my work is fanart - Zelda, Sonic, whatever else tickles my fancy; inspiration for original work has been hard to come by for a long time, unfortunately. :/

Apart from the ol' paper and pencil, I use three different programs: Flash for vectors, Photoshop and/or Painter for painting and Fireworks for spriting/pixel art. I've been spriting for five or six years now

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