• Urgent Commissions Open!

    Jun 18, 2022, 2:26:10 AM | 6 Comments | 3 min read

    I'm having a hard time recovering financially from a disaster about a month ago where my mother-in-law nearly died on the operating table and we had to rush across the country to be with her - and then our water heater went out and it was... absurdly expensive to replace. So I'm open for commissions for a little while until I can pay down my credit card and get our finances under control.


    I also am willing to do some design commissions or custom tack/mutation designs for Dracostryx!

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    All prices vary based on complexity! Please look over my TOS.



    Most of these examples are, unfortunately, a little dusty! I don't do much public art anymore. (But the stop sign bunny is also an example. ;3 )


    Character Concepting Commissions - 20$

    I will make a concept design of a new character for you! You provide some basic details and then I do the rest. I can also convert this to a character sheet for you.



    x1 Fullbody, unrefined lines, colored and shaded simply

    x1 Geometric, simple background


    If desired, I can convert it into a simple reference sheet for an additional +15$. This includes 1-3 detail shots and I’ll clean up the lines a little bit.


    Ex (Roughness and Detail-Levels are similar; background would be geometric and simple):

    Art thumbnail


    Bust Commissions

    I will make a bust-shot illustration of your character for you! 


    Rough/Simplified - 10$

    x1 Bust-Up, unrefined lines, colored, simple shading

    x1 Geometric, simple background

    Recent example:

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    Ex (This is a cleaner example, but closest recent-ish art I could find!):

    Art thumbnail

    All-In - 25$

    x1 Bust-Up, refined lines, colored, detailed shading

    x1 Geometric, simple background



    Art thumbnail Art thumbnail

    Character Reference Sheets

    I will make a full reference sheet based on a character you have. You provide as many details as you can - especially helpful if you have some sort of visual media to assist but references are not required - and I put together a reference sheet for them.


    Comes in “Simple” and “Complex.” 

    Simple - 50$

    x1 Fullbody, refined lines, colored

    x1-3 Detail shots


    x1 Geometric, simple background


    Complex - 100$

    x2 Fullbodies, front and back, refined lines, colored

    x1-3 Detail shots

    x2 Outfits (If desired)

    NSFW Edits (if desired)


    x1 Geometric, simple background


    Art thumbnail

    Art thumbnail


    Additional Outfit - 5-10$ based on complexity

    NSFW Edits - +10$

    Extra Detail Shot - +15$

  • Glitchdove's Design Nest

    May 10, 2022, 10:26:43 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read

    Hey gang, I’ve recently rediscovered the absolute joy of designing, and I figured I’d offer up my services to anyone who would like them. I also am comfortable doing lineart edits, custom muts, and tack/accessories! :3c I am primarily looking for real-world currency, but I will take mixed offers so long as a portion of the price is paid for in actual money. I'm primarily accustomed to Dracostryx designs, but if you'd like me to try my hand for another ARPG, I'll give it my best shot. :3


    I will charge based on how much time I believe a geno will take me to design / how difficult I believe the line edits or item art will be. If you show me a geno / tell me what you want done I will give you an obligation-free quote.


    I will also make corrections if required, no problem.


    Price increases due to complexity. Certain markings you will need to be certain to specify how complex you want them to be, as they can have a lot of variance - such as crescent, flash, cloudy, etc.


    Base geno design cost is 10$ and includes all free markings. 


    Color mods are no additional cost - combo marks, if chosen to be designed as combo marks, only count for one mark in terms of price.


    Examples of my designs are here! I don’t have many recent designs up currently, working on getting more added. :3 Not all of these are approved yet!



    I won’t copy other designs, but if there’s a particular style of gene (like cloudy) that you like I’m happy to take references.


    In order to give you a quote I need:

    the full genetic information (Genotype, Mutations, etc.) 

    any additional requests/notes you have (Be sure to tell me if you're looking for a complex design, a simple design, or somewhere in the middle!)

    and the best way to contact you. 


    The same is for lineart edits, but I need a little bit more in your words about what precisely you want. :) I will check-in through complicated designs.


    If you don’t send me a discord ID to DM you, I will just respond to your comment with any questions.


    I look forward to designing for you! ♥