Name: Call me Manda ^^

Gender: Female

Age: 22 ... mentally 5 8D

Interests: anime, manga, fantasy, theater, sci-fi, reading, writing, drawing

Tools of the Trade: pencil, microns, colored pencils, tablet, openCanvas (1.0, 3 plus, 4 plus), Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator 10



I can draw fanart, original characters, or whatever you want. I also don't mind drawing shounen-ai.

I can also design tattoos ^__^

Fanart, original art:
Sketch, not shaded, pencil or digital - $2-5
Sketch, shaded, pencil or digital - $5-10
Clean Lineart, traditional or digital - $3-7
Lineart with shading, traditional or digital - $10-15
Colored, color pencil, marker, digital - $10-25

Tattoo designs:
one color - $5-10
more than one color - $10-20
(price depends on how complicated the design is)

Shipping and handling, in the US - $5
Outside the US - I will have to let you know once I have your address, as prices may vary

To order a commission:

Send me a PM containing what you want. I'll let you know if I can do it and we'll go from there. All payment will be IN ADVANCE. I prefer Paypal and if you want a commission I'll give you my email in a note.

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