I'm a 25 year old anime artist and full time mother from oregon.

Fav music Genre's: Alterna, Jrock, Jpop, VG remixes, 90's pop/rock, 80's soft rock, Celtic, Classical, Jazz

Fav musiciansof the moment: Alestorm, flogging molly.

Fav movies: Interview with a vampire, Millenium actress, Grave of fireflies, Vampire hunter D : Bloodlust.

Favorite Tv shows: Nip tuck,TNG, adult swim

favorite American cartoons: teen titans, darkwing duck,  Thunder cats, brak show, Venture brothers

Favorite Anime: chrno crusade, Saiyuki, Azumanga dai oh,  Samurai X, Full metal Alchemist, Cowboy bebop, Abenobashi


commission info:

These will be fully colored pictures with the option to tag on a background if you like.

Single Chibi: $2

Double chibi: $4

Single character $5

Two characters: $10

Character reference sheet: $10
example: something like this, with your choice of poses and outfits.


Non-colored: Line-art single char $3
double char $6

sketch: $2

I accept paypal. please contact me by Email lable it as "commission"



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