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  • Cover for Study Hall

    Study Hall

    What do you do when somebody cand upstage you in everything and is always one step ahead? Alexander Baron is a strait A student who is top of the class and takes many AP Classes and believes he owns the god-damned world. I have been in his shadow since the 4th grade and i'm sick of it. WARNING! This will get mature after awhile. This is boyXboy so if you don't like don't read.(the picture almost looks like them)

  • Cover for Rini Hatake

    Rini Hatake

    This is the story about a girl who has always lived a life by herself and never felt that she could trust others unless it was her big brother. She isolated herself from the world, just running about, until she was captured and brought back to her old home of Konohagakure. How she was born is kind of mature but I think you people can stand that.

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