There's not a lot to say, but I've been on the intarwebs under the handle of Ultema for about a decade, and while some people are on a first name basis with me, most people tend to refer to me by my handle. I'm always on the look out for different communities even though my roots have been firmly planted in DeviantArt for eight years. I am possibly known as "the starter of a million projects" meant for RP that inevitably fall through, and that I attempt to convert into more personal projects (after all, I spend a lot of time on all that world building!) that usually go somewhere ... very slowly. My current goal is to figure out how to work my tentatively named Zephyr material into a webcomic while working on also tentatively named massive-giant project. Sigh!

As for what I have actually -done-, I have done countless commission works and have turned down a few professional offers because I'm definitely never really happy with my work any more; I'm sure a lot of you know that wicked circle of love and hate with your work, though I want to learn to get over my fear of failure and experiment more. An example of back my days of not really worrying about my work can be found in the Korean MMORPG "Ragnarok Online" (card for MVP monster Garm/Hatii, whatever they are calling the big ice wolf these days :P).

I am always looking to impove my work  in a number of areas, from content to composition, coloring, technique and whathaveyou, though I am definitely not a FanArtist -- everything I do tends to be of my own creations or those of people I consider my peers.

I love comments that pertain to the subject matter and technical aspects of my work though I refuse to set anything to the 'roast' option if not simply because, in my experience, it opens up doors for people to do little more than scrounge and scrape for something wise-assed and unrelated to pick pointless nits with rather than anything "constructive".

Con-crit itself is comprised of what one feels does and does not work for a piece and being needlessly rude, abrasive and (let's face it) annoying, or making things up simply to 'satisfy' the criteria of a 'roast' is thoroughly pointless. It should be a level-headed, useful give and take between critic and creator rather than the endless trollish braying of an angry donkey that, in the end, has produced nothing but vitriol and got nowhere in terms of constructive criticism. As of late, I have had my share of the braying mindless donkey elsewhere and my fragile brain can simply take the nonsense any more.

TL;DR - Con-crit is always welcome. Uninformed braying need not apply.

The majority of my work can be found on DeviantArt, here:

Some things that I am working on can be found here:

In whatever time I can find to upload things here, I suspect a lot of the junk to go backwards in time for a while unless I complete something new in the meantime. I'll be sure to mention that or something when I upload them. XD;

My main form of communication when not dealing with commissions these days is twitter, and be found @NiaOT

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