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  • Cover for The Crapshoot

    The Crapshoot

    A secret waits to be found in the deserted city of Berklan, far in the desert of constant danger and radiation. The human society as we know it is dead and gone, gangs and criminals rule the world. Gambling with his life, Marlach puts everything on the line to satisfy a gang leader he owes money. Is it enough to save him or are all his efforts wasted in meaningless struggle to survive a little longer?

  • Cover for Like a Raven in the Rain

    Like a Raven in the Rain

    Reflections of a day gone bad.

  • Cover for Downfall of a Dream

    Downfall of a Dream

    Two lives, two hearts deeply in love. But when the dark clouds veil the sun and rumors of famine and war echo from the South, even the strongest ties crumble and fall - and some of them go as far as to become tragic demonstrations of how devastating the fear and hardships can be for a relationship.

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