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Hiya~ I'm w-l-k! nice to meet'chu!~

First off I'm new here, so I hope I don't come off to some of you as an instant newb >_> Though I may not be used to some things, okey?

Anyway like I said, I'm new here, I hope to post my art, and make friends here without any conflicts, and mainly enjoy my time here.

Some things I like: J-music, Manga, Crossover fandom, Shoujo-ai,
and some rare cannon pairings.

I'm also one of those people who pair random characters up even though the two never interacted at all between series. Just a warning.

My fandoms: Blood+, Yu Yu Hakusho, (some) Inuyasha, Spiral, Final Fantasy X, FFX-2, D.Gray-man, Taiyou no Uta, Vampire Knight.

Some Pet Peeves: Art Theives, Non-credited tracing, arrogant people, Pointless Real CharacterxOC pairings.

Anyway, Please don't judge me by what I like and Dislike, and really a friendly person, and I tend to get along with everyone =)

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