OCL: Corda Battle: OCL Round 2: Corda vs Sereid

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Corda written adventure in the OCL battle

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Chapter 1: OCL Round 2: Corda vs Sereid

Corda stands in the ring with Sereid, they both know how this goes down, Fact is, Water and Fire are opposite which mean they are strong in attack but weak in defense. They can waste time putting effort into defending the plushie, but it is a downhill battle, and they will have to put more effort into defending than offense...No, the best strategy is all out offense. The first to destroyed win. This is a battle of speed. It was clear Sereid realized it too as she looks past him to her target, likely coming up with ways to burn the plushies before Corda can destroyed hers with water. 


The Battle begin And as Sereid has an advantage all read, throwing ball of fire at his plushies while he has to draw moister from the air to seep her plushie before erupting it with ice, seem torn and cotton cover in frost erupted from the plushie. This is a battle of elements, so the use of other powers is not allowed, hindering Corda more than Sereid as the Plushie burns up one at a time while he just now tore up just one of hers. Not a good start to say the least. 


He could soak his plushie to try to offset the damage but again, fire attack strong against Water defense, that will only be more time put in an uphill defense and less on taking out her plushie...No, he has to focus on this tactic. But the longer the battle rage, it was clear fire against cloth and stuffing is far easier to destroy than water or ice. Was not the type of battle he could win easily if at all. 


Speed was not Corda thing in any way, flash freeze is a thing for him but overall, Corda likes to take his time...and vs any other element, he could, but against fire? This battle was highly in favor of Fire than Water or Sky or Earth. True he could throw an ice shard, but with the heat Sereid throwing out, it likely not does as much damage by the time it reaches the plushie...No, this battle is not in his favor and the second of his plushie burn to ashes now and he just now working on her second plushie. 


While Corda accepted defeat in this regard, as a personal achievement, he is going to try to take as many plushie out before his last one falls to a pile of ashes. After all, if he learns anything from this battle, he still wins in his own right. Sereid of course was far smarter, setting her plushie out far apart so that they cannot all be attacked at once, and luckily Corda was the same in his tactic. So then, when all things are equal between them, time to get clever. 


It harder to aim but he draws moister in the air above them, freezing them as he starts to fire them Doward, aiming for the plushie. Luckly it behind her chucking fire attack so her attack did not soften his attack, but the problem is aiming. Heat generates thermal lift, which can throw off his aim and indeed that is what happens as a lot of his ice shard miss their mark. The few shards that hit ripped through the plushie, damaging them but not destroying them as much as single focuses frost eruption. He is going to need to direct more shard to hit true if he going to accomplish his goal. But it seems his time was up. 


The sound of the match ended as his last plushies burned away, and while her plushies were damaged, they are still intact. The two returns to the locker room to await the judge to pass their judgement on the match. Can not say he expects much with all things considered. His performance in this competition seems unimpressive thus far. Guess he cannot say he has as much style as the rest.  


Sereid hit the shower as Corda leaned against the lockers. Fire is far more destructive as an element then water and ice, but given time, Water can cause more widespread damage...All this battle done is prove how much more destructive fire is as an element then water. Of course, Water has it other mark as an element of life, which why there far more healing and fluid power to water. Not to say fire is not useful in healing but it is more useful destroying than healing. Of course, fire has other principles, but different races and culture use it differently, and he feels Sereid was on her own handicap as likely her power focus on living target not inanimate object. If it was a fight between them, the result could be far worst outcome...though for whom it would be hard to say. 


The next battle begins as Corda pushes off the wall and heads to the arena to watch the battle. 

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  • Mar 19, 2023, 4:03:49 PM UTC
    Ooh what an interesting depiction of this round! I really like the explanations behind the element strengths and weaknesses, quite a detailed mechanism/system you have working Big Smile

    And even though Corda wasn't able to beat Sereid this round, his reasoning and understanding of the elements will give him the upper hand in battles to come ^-^
    • Mar 20, 2023, 1:37:56 AM UTC
      it actually how the PD element work so can not take credits. Still, Fire vs Ice against Plushie? Fire more damaging then Ice. I thought what about using ice to hold off fire but element that weak/strong against each other tend to be weak in defense so covering it ice make fire attack do more damage Sad