Natu: Ch.1 the Past Nightmare

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A fantasy tale involving Girls dragon and wise guys! (Based on a old tale my Mim told me when i was little!)

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Chapter 1: Ch.1 the Past Nightmare

It was a sunny day. The Voltaire family was headed to a town of chants Tasautea. They were (past tense) going to celebrate a the holiday of a legend. The Legend of Natu Spirit. It was a mild summer day, and every one was looking forward to the event. At night there was going to be fireworks, dancing and praying.

“Kassandra, don’t be wandering too far,” a voice yelled out. It was Kassandra's mother Natalie. She is a strange one at first, She never shows her face. A Very shy person, very shy. Kassandra was a very small child, born with brown hair with red streaks, and pale emerald green eyes. She always wanted to move around, and could never really stand still for anything. A few hours past noon they arrived at Tasautea. The town was big, and had a large wall around it. The gate in front of it had dragons of all kinds engraved all over the doors, of Phoenix and dragons but at certain times it almost looked like wolves all over it instead. The Voltaire family walked through the giant doorway. Kassandra was amazed at the sheer size of the door.

“Mommy I’m hungry,” said a little girl.

“Kursten, you are just going to have to wait,” Natalie said. Now Kursten is a little spoiled. She gets what she wants. She has blonde hair with natural blue streaks and pretty turquoise eyes. On her fifth birthday she was given a family pendent of the white dragon. Kassandra who is seven years older got a black dragon pendent on her 5th birthday from a stranger. The pendants are gold on silver chains with some ancient writing on it that no one can read. Kassandra was jealous of her little sister. She couldn’t understand. The family power was suppose to go to the eldest one. Not the youngest. Kassandra now 7 and Kursten now 5.

“Would you like some berries, children?” a lady's voice said. Kassandra looked up. The lady was in a dark emerald green cloke, and olive green dress. The dress went to the ground and was detailed with odd stitches; in the light you could see butterflies and cats all over it in a pattern. She was also wearing a color metal necklace with a red stone on it. It glowed a little when Kassandra saw it but she ignored it. The women had long brown hair, red lips, and pale skin with the warmest smiles you have ever seen.

“Yes please!’ replied Kassandra quietly. She took a handful

“Can I have some too?” asked Kursten.

“Of course you can deary” she lowered her basket so she could get some. Kursten went and sat on a cart where her grandfather was. His name is Gallous. He  was mean hearted and had cold eyes, but he never acted like that. He was protective of his grandchildren, and the only time he would raise his voice around them was when someone was trying to put harm in their way. Yet he is very strict person, He has never hit a child in his life.

“Thank you!!” said both girls.

“Thank you for sharing your berries with my children.” said Natalie.

“It’s no problem. We had an excellent year for them. By the way, my name is Testura”

“Mine is Natalie. Do you live here?” She pointed to a little two floor house.

“Yes I do. I can tell you a not from around here. Here to see the fireworks?”

“Yes we are. My children never see them before, so I thought it would be a treat for them.”

“Natty” yelled Gallous “the sun is setting. I’m going to find a place to see them.” He started walking away “Kursten is with me”

“Alright,” she shouted back. Natalie looked at Kassandra and quietly said, “Kassandra go with him.”

“Mom I want to see the town a little more then just this one spot!!” she said with a bit of a whine.

“I am sure she will be safe in this town.” Testura said. Kassandra started to look through the crowd.

“Alright you can go explore” Kassandra ran off. Natalie began to worry.

“Thanks mom!” Kassandra said passing a few people.

“Grey-wolf,” yelled Testura. A huge grey wolf came out of the house. Her fur was very soft looking yet she was a solid grey color, not too dark but not light earthier. “Keep an eye on that little girl,” she said as she pointed at Kassandra. She took off at a little trot. “Don’t you worry. Wolves are not what people think. They are very protective of the young.”Natalie walked up to her and started to whisper in Testura ear. “Is Natorra here? I have to see Measura…I know about her and Natu legend. I’m not a stranger to Grey-wolf either.”

“Yes she with Dayray another wolf.” replied Testura in her ear back. Testura was a little surprised the Natalie knew about Natorra.

“We got to be careful…if they meet. Trouble could occur.”

“I will keep Natorra hidden from the outside until the fireworks are over.”

“Please do that before the nightmare begins with hell and flames,” Natalie walked away. Both where worried that power might break loose out of Natorra.

Meanwhile with Kassandra…

“Come over here for goods,” yelled a man. The streets were very crowded. Thousand of people came for the celebration of light. Some just for the light show of fireworks. All around there was singing, dancing and games. This was the only town that Kassandra knew that people had glass windows. Her home town just had  pieces of wall that you were able to take out to let the light in. But her village had some pretty powerful magicians and sorcerers. Kassandra was walking around, then something caught her eyes. She walked over and looked into a gem shop window, that is when she noticed grey-wolf in the distant behind her. Her grandfather told her wolves mean death and if you were being followed you were going to die. Panicked she ran for it, passing between people weaving in and out. She looked back and saw she was being followed. She quickly turned into an alleyway, it was a dead end. She turned around and there she saw the wolf. Kassandra screamed at the top of her lungs. Her grandfather heard it!

“KASSANDRA!!” he yelled out and started to look for her frantically. In the alley the grey-wolf notice her pendant. It was glowing a faint red color. She backed off right away. Gallous found her and saw why.

“What is going on here and get that wolf away from her!” Kassandra began to cry when she saw her grandfather. Natalie and Kursten were in the back of the crowd. She pushed her way through to the front. Most of the people knew grey-wolf and couldn’t understand what was wrong. None of the locals ever thought she could be dangerous.

“Grandpa!” Kassandra said with a half-cry.

“Sorry Kassandra!” Grey-wolf said. She walked toward her. “I was asked to keep an eye on you. Natalie came through the crowd. Kursten hid behind her mother.

“What the…. A talking wolf?!” Gallous was shocked. Most people left; it was nothing new to them. They had seen it before.

“Head off with your family now.” Grey-wolf walked away. Gellous went to pick her up. When he turned around, Grey-wolf was gone.An hour later the sun was almost completely set. The fire dragon dance began. The dancers were all girls, dressed in heavy robes. They were in bright colors of orange, yellow, and reds, with hints of pink, green and blue in patterns of dragon, eagle, unicorns, and the Blood Goddess Insignia, their hair tied up in different ways, some were just tied up in draping ribbon, others in braids with jeweled meshing. Natorra stood in the front. She gazed as she dreamed to be like them. Dancing like there was nothing to care about. She gazed at the dancers as they spun in circles and twirling their black ribbons. A wolf named Dayray was sitting beside her. He had a black spot on his nose and a brown patch on his back; the rest of him was all white. Ninau who was sitting on the other side of Natorra, looked exactly like him, but the only difference was that she was smaller and instead of being white she was grey.

“I wish I could be like them,” Natorra said to herself. She slowly turned her head watching her favorite dancer. Her black hair flowed as she spun around her mask that was white with a black design of bleeding tears. Her blue wolf-dragon robe just flowed, the threads reflecting glints of sliver and gold thread kept Natorra’s attention. “Dayray, why am I so different from everyone else?” Dayray just looked her, and then he gazed back at the bon fire in the middle of everything. “Why does it feel like I don’t belong, like if there was something else for me in life. What is this strange feeling I'm getting.” Natorra turned around, and saw Measura walking towards her. Measura was considered to be the caretaker of Natorra. She always wore a long black dress and little collar around her neck. Her soft black hair was always tied into a bun with the bangs down. But not tonight as she approached Natorra, she took off the gray ribbon that held her hair up. Her hair fell down past her waist. She took her ribbon and unfolded it into a bandanna, then put her hair up but leaving her thick curled bangs to drape freely. Measura was 15 feet away from Natorra.

“Natorra!” Measura shouted as soon as she saw her not gazing at the dancers. “Time to have dinner!” Natorra came running through the people. Weaving in and out intill she got Measura’s hand. She held it tightly.

“Mesi something doesn’t feel right”

“What do you mean Natorra?” Measura said, worried. Quickly thought of an idea. “I think you're just hungry. Come on now, I don’t think you want to miss the fireworks now do you?”

“Nope!” Natorra said smiling. She held Measura's hand and walked with her the house. Now you see Natorra was different from other people. She had been born an an Orphan but had never been to a child home. She never had to work; Natorra had education and was able to read unlike most people there. Only eight years old and already understood the meaning of  “to be special.” In her whole town she was the only one with dark red hair and yellow eyes. Some frowned upon her, other shined and others didn’t care about what she looked like. She was a living creature too. When Natorra and Measura got to their home Natorra went to the kitchen for her meal. Up in the hallway and to the right was the study; Testura has been waiting there for a short while. Measura entered the room.

“Measura we need to talk.” Testura said with a bit of panic. “Natorra your meal is in the Kettle Room, go eat up!” Natorra ran off.

“Natorra could sense the pendant's energy,” Measura said quickly.

“What should we do?” Testura said, uncertain.

“We should just wait. I’m going to take Natorra to the fireworks but I will keep her away from the other two chosen. If they should meet all hell can break lose. And it's not a risk I’m gonna take.”

“Why don’t we just keep her here?” Testura went to the corner of the room where there was a big purple chair; right beside it was a window. “What if we took her to a different village to live in? I don’t want her to go through this. And she not some little doll! We can’t just tell her she’s too young to understand… I don’t want to do anything that may hurt her.”

“I know Test.” Measura walked over to her, and gave her a hug. “But don’t forget she’s half demon. And it’s her destiny to do this.

It’s for the best, if she stays in the human world when her power starts to grow in its fullness she will be uncontrollable. She’ll most likely kill.”

“Isn’t there a way to negate her abilities?” Testura said started to tear-up.

“No there is not.” Measura kissed Testura on the cheek. “Don’t cry. Natorra will notice. She is growing brighter everyday. And I think she can sense emotions. And if we keep her here she will know something is wrong.” Measura walked out of the room. “Natorra dear get ready for the fireworks.” She shouted.

“Ok Mesi.” Natorra replied from the other side of the home. A short while later, Natorra and Measura left the house to the far side of the city. On the way there Natorra was very quiet. (The pass by many people who came to this.)?? Down the street and around the corner and continued to the end of the street. They finally got to a watchtower.

“Hello Nikkole.” Measura said.

“Hi-yo ladies.” she replied. “You want to go in the watch tower with me for the display?”

“I was just about to ask.” Measura giggled. “Oh I’d like you to meet Natorra.”

“Hi.” Natorra said quietly

“Why Hello Natorra!” Nikkole said happily. “You want to see the fireworks don’t you?” Natorra stayed quiet. Something was not right.

“Natorra?” Measura was worried. “Aren’t you going to say something?”

“Yes,” Natorra said quietly once again.

“Well, let’s get moving up the tower before other people want in. I don’t have much room up there.” Nikkole said opening the door. All three of them walked up a large flight of spiraling staircase. When Natorra got to the top she looked down and saw Kassandra. She was sitting on a cart right beside the tower. No one was in front of her. The side of the City’s wall open up and I bright light shot up in the air. The fireworks had begun. Bright colors of blue, red, yellows and all colors that anyone can imagine dazzled the sky. Natorra's worries disappeared as she saw the colors in amazement. She followed a dropping tail of fading light. Then she needed to know who this strange girl was below on the cart.

“Isn’t this great kid?” Nikkole said turning to look at Natorra. She was gone.

“Natorra?” said looking down where she was standing. Nikkole and Measura looked at each other. Measure and Nikkole ran down the stairs hoping they would catch her. Natorra gave them the slip. She walked the long way around the watchtower where Kassandra was. Kursten noticed her.

“Hi.” Said Kursten. “I’m Kursten. What your name?” Natorra didn’t say a word. She walked around the cart to the other side.

“Whats that glowing thing you have around your neck?” Natorra asked Kassandra.

“Huh?” Kassandra looked at her. And panicked. “DEMON! DEMON! DEMON!” Kassandra scream at the sight of Natorra's yellow eyes. A bright red light came out of her pendant, and a loud battle cry from a dragon that appeared out from the red light. The people got scared and ran away. The fireworks stopped. Hell was about to break loose. The lighting struck the buildings. Some started to collapse from it. The sky turned black with glints of red and purple clouds of energy. All you could hear was sheer terror all around.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING?” Gellous yelled. he was thrown back from the wave of energy coming from his granddaughter.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!!”  Measura yelled at Natorra. Kursten took refuge behind her mother. Kassandra still screaming. And the more she did the more scared Natorra became. Natorra began to cry. And without warning. There was a flash of purple light and everything was gone. The city was left in ruins. Everyone was gone. There on the cart Kassandra was asleep; Natorra was on the ground unconscious. An elder fighter of old came out from mist of dust. Quietly he picked up Natorra.

“I will train her on how to use her abilities.” The old man smiled and walked away with her.

“Hey grandfather, wait for me!” a young boy said following him.

10 years later….

Natorra woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, thinking to herself "did that really happen?". Or was it just a dream, a

nightmare? She repeated the last thing she heard before she woke up in a soft voice

“Natu will awake when the wolves and dragons begin to play.”

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