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This artwork was done to toy around with the prints in the manga studio program, I don't belive this wild enough to merit use of an mature filter being as the intent was to show off and toy around with diffrent patterns and not the human image or featured dragonkin.  

About the chatracter featured:

The character featured is a Random dragonkin called a Drassari; they were the result of turic draconic and elvin halfblood inbreeding. the Drassari are natives of the desert regons and are rearely found in other inviorenments. due to their draconic heritige telling what clan a drassari is from is easy as looking at their horns. while mostly turic in origen they have more elvin features than any other, deformitys amist the kin are  feathered wings(extreamly rare) dragon wings(common) Catlike feet (rare) and Bastly features out weighing elvin(uncommon)

the Drassari are a race I created from scratch using the D20 scales in most pen & paper RPGs, tihs was done to make them compatible with all PNP RPGs. Updates to the scales need to be made for astetic reasons.

supplys used: Manga studio 3.0

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