Katima Barlow

Posted Apr 27, 2007, 7:06:38 PM
Lucrezia's aunt, but not blood-related, She is married into the Barlow family.

I'm happy how the skin turned out, although it is best to look at it from a certain distance to get the best effect.
Her hat was killing me when drawing. I'm still not happy with it.
One day I'm going to throw that damn tablet of mine out the window. The bloody pencil tip wiggles in the worst moments, no matter how steady I try to hold it!

name: Katima Barlow
age: looks to be in her late 30s when in human form, in her 20s when in demon form, but is actually around 500
species: half demon, half human
origin: rebellious daughter of Lucifer and one of his human lovers, traded luxurious life as the Hell's princess for an adventurous life on Earth before settling down and getting married
difference in appearance: human form has long brown hair, brown eyes and glasses, demon form has short red hair, little horns, yellow eyes, no glasses and dresses up more provocative
powers: controls fire and has great strength
weapons: mostly various guns, some are modified to kill demons
family: besides the above mentioned father, she also has a husband(info in notes that I can't find right now) and a daughter named Kaie
personality: neither good or evil, she could be best described as realistic. many years that she spent wandering around the world have made her cautious and wise, although her wild side still resurfaces sometimes. has fathers mental strength (in addition to the physical one), but mothers ability to love unconditionally (something demons can not).

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  • Apr 27, 2007
    Nice anatomy in this one ^^ Though I think her legs look a little strange to me. Like her feet are facing a different way then the rest of her body Sweat Drop but other than that it looks cool Grin
    • Apr 28, 2007
      Thank you!
      I tried the pose, it looks like it can be done. I don't know what makes the feet look wrong, but my money is on those buttons on her boot, it looks like I placed them too close to the knee.Scratching Head




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