Black Fairy

Posted Jun 13, 2005, 1:41:34 AM
I just did this not 3 minutes ago. It's not posted anywhere else yet. ^_^ It took me all of 8 minutes. Wow. Spent my entire life on it, ne? lol But it was done for my sister. She needs tattoo ideas. So, this is what she got. It needs dearly to be edited. LOL What cha think? :angel:

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  • Jun 12, 2005
    Mesa like it, mesa looked too much Jar-Jar Binks... Laughing I really like it! I love the way her face is revealed under her hair.

    Two Thumbs Up up, way up.
  • Jun 13, 2005
    I think it's awesome! I think for tattoo ideas, why not put some sort of tribal art design around it? I have a beautiful tattoo on my lower back of a delicate flower surrounded by tribal vines. It's awesome. I'm going to try to draw it later so you can see what I mean. She is gorgeous, though. I shrieked with approval and glee when I saw it. You are one fabulous artist , my dear.
    • Jun 13, 2005
      That sound REALLY awesome!! My parents would kill if I got a tattoo before I'm 16. Just a little bit more to go!! lol My sister had this tatto that covers the entire lift side of her stomach. It's a skull, but it's all made out of flowers. There's this one flower that's a blue rose that looks just SO wonderful! Well, it all looked wonderful before she had my nephew. @_@ lol Angel
      • Jun 13, 2005
        *laughs* It happens to all of us when we have children. That's why mine is on my lower back. Luckily I have lost all of my baby-weight... thank god! I don't think I'd ever get one on my stomach. Not because it looks bad, but because I'm a wuss. lol
        • Jun 13, 2005
          My sister still hasn't gotten all the baby-weight off. @_@ Though, I must say, I'm loving that fact. I'm the only skinni-mini in my house! *dances* lol But my sister has some really awesome other tattoos too. They all look awesome still beause they're mostly on her legs. Couldn't handel it on your stomach? I couldn't either. lol But, my sister has tattoos on other parts of her body *cough cough*that I havn't got a clue in hell how she delt with the pain. @_@ Angel
          • Jun 13, 2005
            My older sister hasd like a kagillion tattoos. Her last one she had done, she got blood poisoning from because the guy who did it was an amateur and stuck the needle in too deep. Ouch!
            • Jun 13, 2005
              Oh mi gosh!! I wouldn't think you could get blood poisioning from something like that. I hope she's ok now! Sheesh... I wonder a lot of times how (not ment to hurt anyone) some people can cut their arms n stuff. My ex-boyfriend sat in class on the last day of co-op and, with a pen, dug checker-board patterns all over his arms. There was blood all over the table, the chair and the floor. It was so grose. But, how can they stand that pain? He's gone nuts now n startes shoving knifes in his arms n letting them sit there as whe writes so it gets blood on the paper. HOW?!?! I'd be throwing a fit that someone was killing me...
              • Jun 14, 2005
                Eeew! I think your ex needs some help. Unless he does it as some kind of weird performance like those people who hang by hooks in their backs. Yeah, my sis is okay now. The guy was just an idiot and didn't know what he was doing.
                • Jun 14, 2005
                  It gets worse. I saw him today. Today he found a piece of glass outside. He was wearing shorts, and he took the glass and just ran it up and down his legs. He's gone psycho since I told him it wasn't working.... I wonder if it's my fault.... @_@
                  • Jun 15, 2005
                    No way it's your fault hon. He has his own demons that he needs to face and it is all on him. Not you. And if he tries to tell you it's your fault, he's lying. He's just looking for somewhere to place the blame when he should be placing it on himself. It does sound like he needs help, though. Poor guy.
                    • Jun 15, 2005
                      ^_^ I just worry. But, even if losing pushed him over with everything else, there was no way it could have been any other way. He had to go and that was the very end of it. He was obsessed with me. *shudder* I didn't want to get married at 13 n that was his idea. *shudder*
  • Jun 13, 2005
    Nice idea for a tattoo. Beautiful sketch.




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