Old Anime

Posted Jun 16, 2005, 1:27:42 PM
This is drawing from when I used to try to draw in an anime style. I was never realy very good at the simple yet very defining lines needed for anime as I lacked the subtlety needed so I had given this style up, but I think it still shows though in my drawings.

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  • Jun 16, 2005
    I'm glad you switched, honestly. This piece is far less resolved than the others of yours that I've seen... The main problem is hat it -looks- like you had trouble. Most of your pieces look like they were easy for you, even though I know they were not.

    Perhaps' I'm biased. lol. I've never been a big fan of anime - I see too much of it. I don't hate it, it's just nice to see someone do something else for a change. (yes, I am really quite honest. Sorry!).
    • Jun 16, 2005
      Although there is a lot of people who do anime it still bugs me that I was never able to get good at it. Which is why I had to drasticaly change my style of drawings.

      In hindsight though i'm glad I did change. Thank you once again for the insightful critique.
  • Jun 17, 2005
    Even when this is not your style, it's great nevertheless! I'm waiting for more of your marvellous pics, that takes one's breath away! Corky Smile
    • Jun 17, 2005
      I have a few pieces that will be posted soon but i'm not sure if their exactly breathtaking though.
  • Jun 17, 2005
    I think you did all right on this pic. Anime is easy for me to draw just BECAUSE of the thick lines. It's easier for my eyes to adapt to it and reproduce it. The thing I need help with is drawing more realistic looking people. I wish I could. You make it look so easy. I wish I could do something like that. Even the pics of my son and daughter that I have done look sort of cartoonish in the way that they are drawn. Oh well. I have plenty of time to learn, eh?
    • Jun 18, 2005
      I guess you have to have a nacht for anime and I was passed over when they were handing out the anime nacht, hehe. Which is probably why i've always respected artists who did anime, yourself included.
      As for realism, believe me it doesn't come easy and its taken me a lot of time just to get to the point i'm at which is not that far along yet. I'm learning though which is the important thing.
      • Jun 18, 2005
        Oh, shucks. Thank you for the awesome compliment. I know realism is not easy. You just do it so well that you make it look like it was so easy for you to do. The one thing about you that completely blows my mind about you is that you are self-taught. I never had any art training either besides what they teach you in school. Most of my work is done by trial and error.




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