Posted Jul 28, 2007, 5:55:28 AM

This is Dante, from my Fanfic Abyssus' Sceptrum, which I may or may not post sometime in the future.

I have a bad problem with finishing stories, so I intend to fully complete this one before posting. Although, I have the middle and almost-end done, I just have to work on the Begining and everything in between.

Yes I realise Ebony and Ivory are on the wrong side, but there is a reason for that in the Fanfic.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop CS2

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  • DezWIP04: Full Body (very low)
  • She's Just Full of Surprises
  • DezWIP03: Low Poly
  • DezWIP02: Clothing and Hair
  • DezWIP01: Posing
  • XM Wip01
  • The Bleeding
  • D + A Lines
  • D + A Lines