Cool Sora

Posted Aug 7, 2007, 1:50:01 AM

Another old one...from way back in 2005! but, this was my pride and joy for about two months (so not THAT long) and it's what spawned the current coloring style I used today! I tried to copy Tsutae Yuuzu's style as exact as I could with this...gah, so hard!

This is Sora from Sukisho! reffed from the artbook, pose and all.  Tried to even copy the coloring from it, too, but it's still different. All and all, this picture helped me ALOT with learning about differnt coloring styles and the magicl smudge tool! wee~!

Sora (c) Suki na Mono wa, Suki Dakara, Shouganai! (sukisho!), Tsutae Yuuzu
Art (c) meh

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  • Aug 9, 2007
    Very cool Yes I love how you colored it especially the highlights. Great job! a new fave ^_^