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Escape Into the Ruins

Posted Nov 23, 2007, 1:38:03 AM

Lael rode easily through the shimmering desert, the hood of his cloak pulled low over his brow to hide his eyes from the swollen orange sun. Despite the sun low on the horizon, it was still stiffling, and his dark clothing did not aid him. Wildfire, her saddle creaking and sweat glistening on her powerful neck, remained strong, though. The bay did not seem to falter in the strong heat.

All was silent, except for the scuttling grain of sand whenever a hot blast of air picked up. Lael looked west, seeing a dust storm starting brew due to the wind. He squinted his sensitive eye against the glare of the sun. It did not look right, though. He could have sworn he saw something swim in the dust. He saw a dark hump emerge, and he felt his horse stiffen. Wildfire whinnyed and her ears pricked in the direction of the dust storm.

Suddenly she reared on her hindlegs, nearly throwing her rider out of his seat. Lael drew his ivory bow, and kept his gaze focused on the dust. Something happened then. The earth began to vibrate, began to buckle and jump. His bright green eyes widened, and he thrust his heels into Wildfire's flanks.

The horse whinnyed in shock and terror, and sped forward, causing Lael's hood to fly back. Another black hump appeared on the horizon, seeming to be closer. Lael urged his horse forward, keeping his focus on whatever it was. He did not see what lay ahead, but out of the corner of his gaze he saw whiteness, and saw shapes and buildings. He knew, despite not seeing them, that he had come across the lost city, where the Behemoth was rumored to dwell. He now knew what the humps were.

Just to prove his point, as Wildfire leapt the remnants of a wall, the Behemoth revealed itself with a deafening roar, revealing rows of long dripping, yellow fangs.


Finally done with this. Comments are love, so comment please! :D

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  • Nov 23, 2007
    Lots of action going on here and you handled it well. The cape does look at little stiff and should flow a little better. It is difficult to tell where the light source is, as the cast shadows are almost absent here and again you really need to boost those darker values. The texture of the paper works well for sand, but it distracts from the overall image in this particular medium in my opinion. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing.
    • Nov 23, 2007
      This picture was pretty much a practice piece, such as lighting and shading, and sand texture and scale. And actually, the paper had nothing to do with the sand. I just stippled with various colored pencils to get a grainy look.

      Yeah, I had a feeling the scanner would butcher the shading. It looks much better and darker for real *kills scanner*