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Dancing on Air Colored

Posted Mar 12, 2008, 6:12:16 PM

Finished Commission!

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  • Mar 12, 2008
    How majestic! I love the angle and position of the wings; those aren't that easy to do! And all the strong muscles, very powerful-looking. Great job! Smile
  • Mar 12, 2008
    Lovely! Very majestic and powerful looking. Nice job on the coloring. Thanks for sharing.
  • Mar 12, 2008
    Very nice! I love hoe the light plays off the black wings. I bet the person you drew it for loves it. ^_^
    • Mar 13, 2008
      Oh yes! And then someone else saw and wanted one too, hehe.
  • Mar 12, 2008
    it looks almost exactly like those really cool plastic miniature horses i used to get as a kid. awesomeness
    • Mar 13, 2008
      LOL, if I had found one of those models, I would have definitely bought one. Alas, I only have a cheesy my little pony version, hehe.
      • Mar 14, 2008
        hey MLP isn't bad either, I had those too. I just had waaay more Grand Champions. XD
        • Mar 14, 2008
          Maybe that's what I've got...some type of grand champion. I gave all mine away, but I kept that one cause it had nice looking wings. I'm a big wing fan, can you tell?
          • Mar 15, 2008
            Haha! I am too. Most of mine had wings, because I didn't care for the horned ones. Wings almost always flapped, but horns didn't do anything. All mine are in a rubermaid container with a bunch of barbies.
            • Mar 16, 2008
              I kept all mine in a basket. I had a ton of barbie stuff too. I had the van, a car, a boat (the boat was cool) even a horse trailer. And a ton of clothes. I loved dresses. The more the merrier. Such a shame I never kept them either. I could have used them possibly for models of some sort, LOL.
              • Mar 18, 2008
                I've still got all mine. All of them except one are naked though, because I kept all the clothes for my favorite one. I never had any of the stuff, just the barbies and clothes.
                • Mar 19, 2008
                  Yes, the clothes were pretty awesome. LOL, now that I think about it. I had a whole suitcase full of barbie stuff. A little picnic table with all the dishes and food. It was so cute! I think I even had the barbie pet kitty. So sad. It's all gone.
                  • Mar 19, 2008
                    you remember the first barbie you could give an actual haircut and she had replacement hair? She had weave for white chicks! I cut her hair too short though and she ended up having a mullet instead of seamless weave. So I tossed her out the day I got her. I was kinda sad...
                    • Mar 20, 2008
                      Aw...Yep. I remember that. I never got because I didn't want to ruin the hair. I liked long hair so I could fix it in different styles. Do you remember the crimp and curl pony? I had one of those. I also had rub a dub dolly. She had a cute face. I only have two dolls now. Cabbage patch and a beautiful doll I have loved to death. Used to go out and actually buy babies' clothing for it. Was awesome!
                      • Mar 20, 2008
                        you remember that knock off ken doll? his name was kevin and he was blonde. i asked for a ken and got him one year. I was sooo mad. then I got the ken that would grow facial hair when you put cold water on him. he had a special razor that would make it dissapear again.
                        • Mar 22, 2008
                          haha, yes I remember that. I saw a real like barbie person one day, though. She had long blong hair, tall and slender, her guy friend was tall with dark hair, and they were riding in a hot hot sparkly pink car. It was SO COOL! They were parked on the side of the road, not sure why. Maybe they were just modeling off the car. I've NEVER seen a car like that before. It was awesome!
                          • Mar 23, 2008
                            its like barbie hallucinations...too cool! i once saw a guy i swear was the model for aladin. looked just like him....things are just unnerving these days!
                            • Mar 24, 2008
                              That is weird. Though there can be only one person for Genie. Robbin Williams! Yay! I'm a big fan of improv. Did you ever see "Who's line is it anyway" when that came on tv? I missed a whole bunch of them until I realized it was based upon improv. I miss it.
                              • Mar 25, 2008
                                I still see it everyonce in a while. it comes on channels like BBC most often. I always liked colin, that tall dude, and the singing black guy. they were freaking great.
                        • Mar 22, 2008
                          I'm adding you to my friend's list Smile