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Pope John Paul II

Posted Aug 18, 2005, 10:11:58 AM
I drew this after Pope John Paul died. I am a Christian and i felt that in my heart he needed to live on through my art. His nose is off, i may fix it one day, but im just to lazy. (you may have noticed i stink at noses!)

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  • Aug 19, 2005
    This is very touching. I as well have made an attempt of drawing him, but can't ever seem to capture him. I think you've done a fine job with this; yes, there are some areas that could use some work, but art isn't perfection. It's something we use as a means to portray our feelings, and I think you've accomplished just that. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    • Aug 21, 2005
      You are welcome, im glad to share this. Im glad this touched you so much and i think you should continue your efforts in drawing him. Find a picture that is touching to you and that will be good enough. I agree with you very much, art is NOT perfection, its only perfection to the artists eyes, if no one elses' eyes.