Posted Aug 18, 2005, 10:00:24 AM
I drew this while my friends made comments and stared at every line i drew. (I drew this during a class in school!)

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  • Aug 18, 2005
    Hi Erigone. Welcome to Paper Demon.

    Oooh legolas. Very nice.

    By the way, why did you add this to the "Super Fandom" gallery? This gallery is only for artwork based on fanfiction. Please remove it from there if this isn't based on fanfiction.
    • Aug 18, 2005
      Thank you Bogusred, i appreciate the comments. Im glad you like it.
  • Aug 18, 2005
    This is nice, i really like the way he seems to be coming out of the fog, like a sneak attack! There just a few thing thats draw my eyes, his hairline near the bow is too high and the side of his face is too large. I congratulate you on the shading and the hand on the bow, very nicely drawn!
    • Aug 18, 2005
      Im glad you liked it! Now that i look at it, the hairline does look to high on the bow's side. I have a ? though. For the face being to big.. which side do you mean? I think its the other side, but i just want to see your opinion!
      • Aug 18, 2005
        Smile Its the side of the face where we see the ear...i feel like all the side, from the ear to the jaw should be a bit closer. :)
        • Aug 18, 2005
          ok, ill see what i can do when i get some spare time, lately i don't have much..
  • Aug 18, 2005
    *drools* Orlando Bloom...Legolas...It just doesn't get any better.
    And welcome aboard BogusRed! Nice to have you! Smile
    • Aug 18, 2005
      Thanks, im glad to be here. It sounds like you have a crush on Orlando Bloom!
      • Aug 18, 2005
        Hehehehe...I won't deny it. Smile I've also got a picture of Legolas up in my gallery; mosey on over and have a look! Innocent
  • Dec 4, 2006
    Um, you said you drew this during class--were you sitting next to the Two Towers poster? I'm honestly not trying to be rude--look: I noticed that he had no arrow nocked to his bow, despite it being pulled back, and I knew the image was familiar so I went searching.

    There's nothing wrong with copying from photos and publicity stills, I just think you should credit when you do. Trying to recreate a picture is a completely different animal than trying to create your own; people give different crits when they know you're working off a reference image.