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Realistic Grey Wolf

Posted Jun 4, 2009, 11:48:14 AM

I was using this as practice. I used corel painter for all of it. I am still working on the eyes and what not but I like how it looks so far ^_^ i need to work  out other ways to render and I used alot of layers on this one. I work out some stuff and now I can finish up my self portrait I think... going to at least attmept to get it. Made loads of discoveries making this. Took just over 2 hours to make this. Going to add to it bit by bit each day and see how detailed I can get with it ^_^

I used a reference for the lips in a tutorial. It was for photoshop and I thought of doing the same person to make it easier to learn how to do it properly, but I used my own character instead. I love drawing full lips ^^ just wish I could make my stuff as good as the one in the tutorial. I am going to try this out with some of my male characters to. Might even do all my manga characters in a realitic way like this one ^^

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  • Jun 13, 2009
    Very nice job on this so far. You got the blending down pat. I do suggest one thing to add to the image (or a future image) on the nose, because of the way you have the light on the face, there should be a highlight streak going/connecting from the forehead and 1/3 of the way to the tip. And that will really bring it out in realism. Kudos on the face proportions there almost perfect!
    • Jun 13, 2009
      Glad you like it ^_^ and thanks for the tip. I'm not to good with lighting but I am working on it. Thank you very much, it is really helpful.
      • Jun 13, 2009
        I noticed that from viewing your gallery! I probably drop random tips for ya as you submit new art work!
        • Jun 13, 2009
          Thanks ^_^ I am self taught so I am struggling a bit but I found some awsome video tutorials. I been more focused on my manga lately so doing this has also been a huge change. I appreciate any tips that you have ^_^ thanks again for commenting