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Self Portrait Finished

Posted Sep 23, 2009, 12:15:37 PM


I said I'd finish it ages ago and I finally did although I am not to happy with the hair but it was great practice. I have improved on my manga incredibly colouring wise. But I won't post those here. I have some fan arts to post soon of the band members from GPKISM

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  • Sep 23, 2009
    I still like the way you did the eyes and im glad you managed to get the blending down ^^
    • Sep 24, 2009
      Thank you ^_^ I used paint tool SAI to do it. The program I was using just wouldn't do it
  • Sep 27, 2009
    Good linework/contours, generally. Might want to try using more hard-edged shadows next time, though. Everything looks sort of blurry and smudgey otherwise.
    • Sep 28, 2009
      Thanks ^_^ I am not use to digital shading, thanks for the tip <3
  • Oct 28, 2009
    Unlike Insomniac, I really think the soft, smudgy feel adds something, especially with the gentle blue and pink shades. Harder shadows have their place, but I think this does well with the kohl-like shading.