Carmine Fairytale

Posted Feb 19, 2012, 5:51:51 PM

This dress has to be one of my favorites to date. It has been marinating in my thoughts and musings for a while, and it's made out of one of my favorite fabrics.

The style of the dress was largely inspired in places by gowns in the ballroom scene in "The Labyrinth". I have watched that movie an unhealthy number of times...Aaaanyway.

The corset bodice of this gown is three layers: the polyester/ satin on the top layer, canvas interlines the bodice, and cotton twill is lining it to help in the strength of the piece. The skirt is attached to the bodice and gathers in the back using a drawstring for adjust-ability with the bodice. There is a modesty panel with a beading and stitching detail along the bottom edge as it peeks out under the lacing.

I made a wide choker with a cameo-style bronze broach decorating the center to go with the dress, using the same stitching and beading to tie in with the modesty panel.

There are two fabric roses (pinned on the skirt's front panels) that are detachable via sew-on pins.

I also made a pouch purse to go with the whole ensemble.

Whew. I put some hours into this dress and my fingers are a bit on the tender side, but it is done and I feel that it was worth it.  It's now on my etsy page.  Yay!

I hope you like it! 

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  • Feb 23, 2012
    It's beautiful. I love all the details like the beading and the rosettes, and the gold and red work really well together.