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Name: Tamara YΕ«kanna Heishi
Age: 18
Gender: Cisgender
Biological sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Human
Tamara is Marshall's neighbour and close friend. Her grandfather is Japanese, and used to tell her all kinds of stories about Japanese demons and gods. This sparked her initial interest for all kinds of myth: she loves reading about all kinds of different mythology.

Tamara's family moved to Deacon Way after her dad got fired and they couldn't afford their previous home anymore. Tamara was originally against it because of rumors of a curse, but it was the cheapest home they could find, and her father doesn't believe in legends. However, Tamara was convinced after Marshall was attacked by his niece's doll. She was staying over at the time, since she worried about him because of his lack of sleep. When she heard screaming and swearing from Marshall's bedroom, Tamara quickly grabbed a can of oil and a lighter, and tried to pull the doll off him. Marshall told her to burn the doll with it still near him, causing the burn mark on the right half of his face.

Tamara has a knack for tinkering, and often messes around with both Marshall's and her own weapons when they're not out defending the innocent. She invented a form of taser that can force spirits into a physical form, so Marshall can defeat them.  She hopes to start a career as an engineer someday, but for now, she'll stick to slaying zombies. Her knowledge of mythology helps her find an enemy's weaknesses where Marshall can't, and often gets them out of sticky situations. Tamara's specialty are living dolls and other possessed objects, which comes in handy with Marshall's pediophobia...


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