Posted Dec 3, 2005, 1:49:33 PM

Yay for greeness and Legend of zelda ^_^ Saria is like, one of my all time favorite characters from ocarina of time, not to mention she's wearing green, my favorite color, and she's cute! Dang you Link for runnin' out on her like dat back at the woods, grrr! *smacks link* XD lol. Please pardon the slopness of the tree, I am in NO way good with trees, nor is it really to be a focus of the piece, just my Saria *glomps her*. A few things I tried on this, just for a little difference and testing the waters, meh, exploration in art XD. Hope you guys like her! *Glomps her yet again*............If only she were real..*snaps fingers*

Crayola colored pencils,0.5mm mechanical pencil,extra fine ball point pen,cliq eraser pen were used.

*Breaks a sledge hammer to his scanner for ruining his scans and pictures =.=*


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