Posted Dec 10, 2005, 9:39:23 AM
This is Ryuhou from Scryed. I started drawing him but ended up doing someone else so I had to make another of him so my poor Ryu wouldn't feel abandoned :lol:  I'm happy with how he turned out this time around I got some help from a "how to" site that was just full of helpful tutorials :grin:


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  • Dec 11, 2005
    You are definetly getting better- I can see that there is alot of effort put into getting some of those proportions down- I'll give a few pointers though for future referance Wink

    The eyes on average are an eye apart (when looking face on) if you go wider, which you have done here (only slightly though Smile ) then the person looks a little bug eyed, or spaced out. Too narrow and they look perverted or something ( ^^; ) I say on average, cause with anime, the proportions WILL be incorrect. The eyes ARE level though *huggles* This is why I can see you are trying Smile They just need to come a little closer together. The mouth looks like its on an angle- this makes him look a little disjointed. Its the dip in the lip whih is the key- this is ALWAYS in the center of the face. the top lip goes outward, which is why it travels, but with a face on like this- its in the middle. His mouth is also a little low, which is giving his a long face. You can keep the jaw shape if you raise his mouth and jaw for the next pic. Also another thing for bumping up interest- hair. You have bumpy sticky outy bits, and the person gets interesting looking. Easily. Give him a part line somewhere where hair seperates in opposite directions. It'll make him look like his hair isn't solid. even with a fringe, you can still see this.

    Is this helping any? ^^;
    • Dec 11, 2005
      *HUGS* Yes yet again you are a great help!!!!! Worship Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    • Dec 13, 2005
      Question on the eyes for you... When you draw some one with a 3/4 profile Where do you judge the distance they should be apart from? The edge of the eye that is hidden by the bridge of the nose or the center of that eye???
      • Dec 13, 2005
        Hah- if there was a simple answer for that, we'd all be doing perfect 3/4s Wink Measurements aren't a huge problem- its the shape that gets you.

        If you can think of the nose as a 3d shape, the eye begins right above where the wing of the nostril would end. Its Kind of hard for me to explain... My suggestion is refering to pictures of people doing a 3/4 turn insteed of learning without a true referance.
        • Dec 14, 2005
          *SIGH* It was worth asking Grin So much for the simple hope Laughing
          • Dec 14, 2005
            Concentrate on getting the front right. I didn't get beter at 3/4 til I solidified the front. Once you get that, then you can invision it easier on an angle Smile Unfortunatly, there is no short cuts with get art *right* Just advise. The best way of learning is giving it a go, and learning the correct way.
            • Dec 15, 2005
              *sigh* I suppose your right, I just think people look more interesting from the 3/4 veiw. Practice, practice, practice though and I'll get to it eventually Grin
  • Dec 10, 2005
    I've seen this show! It's pretty awesome too!Every pic you do is looking better than the last keep practicing and studying up on those 'how to' sites you mentioned.
    • Dec 10, 2005
      *HAPPY DANCE* I am soooo glad you think I'm improving it gives me great JOY Bounce that you can tell!! I thought so but wasn't sure till I got the word from you and Lady Anime Grin
      • Dec 10, 2005
        Yup! You're definately improving! But It'll be a while before you see any really big major changes but yea you're improving for sure Big Smile
        • Dec 11, 2005
          WOOHOOO!! With all the advice everyone is being kind enough to give me, I feel like the little engine Laughing "I think I can, I think I can!" I'm most paitent so I might survive the trial & error!!!
  • Dec 10, 2005
    Ah this looks wonderful Cristy. Heheh We have the same name though spelled differently. Would that be like a homonym or something? Ponder Just kidding. Anywhoo, I really like the way you drew him. His face looks like it is proportioned well and I love his green hair and green eyes. I have never watched this show, but I like the way he is drawn. You are getting so much better from the last drawings you have done. Keep up the great work, sweetie. Smile All my love. Mwah!
    • Dec 10, 2005
      Thank you my Lady Worship I'm taking all the advice I get to heart and I have been checking out a few "how to" sites for more help. I'm thrilled you think its paying off already Bounce I love this show they have "alterpowers" and everyones power is something totally different from the others Ryuhou here is a bad guy that is going good in my opinion and I LOVE his green hair Laughing Heart Thank you again *BIG HUG & BIG KISSES!!*




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