Lost in Music

Posted Jan 2, 2006, 2:50:53 PM

I finially got around to adding more details to this even though it's still not finished :grin: I'm thinking she's listening to something like Steeleye Span.........really beautiful and haunting melodies. Does her face look like that or does it seem blank-ish?

Advice oh wise ones :lol: Please?!! Thank you and LOTS & LOTS of love! :heart:


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  • Jan 2, 2006
    You've added some nice details here and her face doesn't seem blankish to me. And I see that youve moved her feet apart alittle good choice Thumbs Up Though I still think you should have her breats pointed upward alittle more but other than that I think you're doing good so far. Big Smile
    • Jan 6, 2006
      I've been trying to get them up more but it's a pain!!!! Can you think of any pics I can look at to see about how they should look??? I've been serching but I haven't found anything yet Cry I'm thinking that I need to move the left (our left) foot back a little more still and give it more of an angle, at least from how it looks when my son is spinning around being Superman with a towel Grin
      • Jan 6, 2006
        Well...hmmm let's see try looking up dancer pics or try looking through anatomy books sometimes those help to see how a certain body part should look in a pose. Or you could have your picture taken in that pose and see how it looks. And about that foot I think your right go ahead and move it as far back as you think it should be Smile I hope this helped.
  • Jan 2, 2006
    It's a little hard to say- I don't know what you call 'haunting' music- if you're thinking Evanescence styled, that's goth, not really haunting, but if you're thinking more of a gregorian styled music, and you're trying for a gliding stlye of dance, my suggestion is trying this pose yourself. Me, I tried it on myself, and my arms always wanted to bend down, and my head always turned to the extreme side. Bent arms is more relaxed, and the head at that point feels more relaxed looking downwards. The legs are a little off balance too- if she's trying to be floaty, then her legs will have to give her alot of support to keep her upright. Wider apart, or together, and counter balancing her. Imagine a string and heavy weight hanging from her head. You need as much weight on one side as the other to balance her. Currently, she is going to fall to her right.

    On the lighter note- I'd expect her eyes to be relaxed, and brows raised, which she is, and she does look relaxed, although maybe not a smile on her face if its haunting- maybe more of a desperate look.
    Hope this all helps Smile
    • Jan 6, 2006
      It helped Grin I made my son spin around like this when he was running around being Superman with a towel Laughing and I saw what you ment by she's gonna fall over because my son did Laughing

      "haunting" music to me is songs that the singer just seems to be in a totally magical world and it's not always a sad one Grin I live in la-la land anyway so there are quite a few songs that I classify as "haunting" Grin So yes she's supposed to be kind of floaty, LOL.
      I'm almost done with the new changes and then I'll be knocking on your door begging for any other advice you can give me, LOL, Thank you!!!!
      • Jan 6, 2006
        No problems. Umm- future referance, I wouldn't call it haunting unless it feels hunting... I think its called ambient trance, new age/wave, or even tribal if it was a tribal music type. There is actual haunting music out there which is kinda freaky to listen to. I knew what you ment though, so its cool Smile
  • Jan 3, 2006
    Oh wow that is really pretty!Innocent I think you did a great job! ^__^
    • Jan 3, 2006
      Embarrassed Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's still in progress but I'm liking how she's coming together with the tips I've been getting Bounce
      • Jan 3, 2006
        Thats good and your welcome ^__^
  • Jan 4, 2006
    Great job Love!You´re doing really good!BounceShe´s beautiful!InnocentI think it´s going to be very beautiful,when you´ll finish it!!!YesSo keep working!HeartMy love to you!HeartMwah
    • Jan 4, 2006
      Grin Thanxs for the vote of confidence!!!!! *hugs* Heart
  • Jan 7, 2006
    Well, i already adore you so, i cant give you more Wink The body is fine if you ask me, the proportion are ok. I'd work on the face a bit though, i feel like the features are too long. The nose should be a bit less long and the eyes, more in the center of the face. Other than that, me loves tons!!! Mwah!
    • Jan 7, 2006
      HHHMMMM, I'll see what I can do with the face Grin Its really a pain for me because I have trouble seeing anything that isn't right in front of my nose, even with my glasses on, LOL. I've tried making bigger figures to compensate for my eye sight but they always look really poopy to me when I do that Cry I'll find a way though Grin Thanx for the advice!!! It's soooooooo great to have you back, even though I feel a bit selfish since I know you miss your hunny bunny. LOTS OF LOVE Heart Heart
      • Jan 10, 2006
        lol! Ever tried a magnifying glass? Kidding, i wish i could give you tips about that, but since i'm blind myself. I need glasses too, i wear them all the time, gives me a nerdy look! Thanks Moonee (i like this nick) Great drawing again!
        • Jan 11, 2006
          I am going to get glasses soon but my husbands mean work has been making him work 10 hour days and weekends to catch up from all the holiday backup Cry so he's at work while the eye doctor dudes are having office hours and I've got the lil demons Grin Actually I have reading glasses (non prescription) but they are rather weak so they don't really help.

          Moonee Laughing I can go with that Laughing *BIG HUGS* Heart
          • Jan 14, 2006
            I do understand again on that, i've always needed glasses and when i was younger i lost mine. My amazing parent to punish me, never bought me another pair, i struggled all throught high school and college to see well and i'm so lucky, i got both vision problem, i dont see things far and i dont see them closeSlant. Its when i started working that i paid myself a pair. But i've been reading a book, Seeing without glasses. I was told this book is a miracle and with years help you transform your eyes from shitty to good. Humm, good morning by the way, barely 9h00am..coffee...Smile
            • Jan 16, 2006
              Grin *Slurps own coffee* Coffee is good. My mom did the same thing to my older sister only she finially bought her a new pair in high school because the school staff started sending a lot of letters about how much she needed them. My mom has a total fear of not being thought of as the worlds greatest person by people that don't know her *rolls eyes*
  • Jan 9, 2006
    Heey! I see you've got yourself a belly dancer! I see you're getting better at drawing characters. I like it, the way you have shown her caught in the music. Her expression came off really well. I hink maybe the head needs more work. Her chin should be sharper and it's supposed to edge in middle of her face, you got it a little askew. The head seems a bit too narrow and the ears should be a little lower.
    I think it goes well with a Dead Can Dance song. I have one of their albums and I tend to dance along to some of their songs. There's one song in particular this pic reminds me of. Ponder I don't have much else to advise you on, everybody else already told you what to do it seems. I can only add that it's not clear where exactly her legs are, because of the skirt, I think you should define where her legs are.
    "I may not live in a perfect world but I can create one on paper."
    • Jan 10, 2006
      Grin I was following some other advice on where her feet should be from Arkillian and I was having such a pain with it I drew in her legs and realized I had the folds all wrong on the skirt Laughing I haven't had time to work on it today though because my babies are sick munchkins and need lots of mommy love but I'm getting to it when I can Grin Thanks for the advice *big hugs!!* Lots of Love Heart
      • Jan 10, 2006
        You're welcome. I know what you're saying, lol, folds are a pain in the butt, is to me. Especially in a piece I do out of my head.Yes I usually first draw the legs or arms. But again mangatutorials can be a good place to look. Well, I hope your babies get well soon. All my love!Upsidedown
        • Jan 10, 2006
          Grin I think my system is more of a jump in and oh criminitly what happened, type of style LOL. I forget about the details in order to get the big pic out of my head which always comes back to bite me in the hinnyDoh I really need to stop doing that, maybe I'll start writing down what I want to draw so I have no fear of forgetting it Laughing That might help me slow down to get forms right before I jump into the rest, maybe anyway Grin

          The boys are better today, but they haven't reached their normal demon statis yet but they've reached small natural desaster statis so they are on their way to full recovery Laughing




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