Summer Aquarium

Posted Jul 13, 2019, 6:53:21 AM
So it's mid-summer where I live and I got to do some fun things recently. Early on, I went with my father to see the new Godzilla movie and he  took me out on June to the 2019 Pride Festival and I finally got my very own pan flag thanks to him! I also went on a picnic with my mother and stepfather, we ate next to a rushing creek and saw some cute little duckies swimming the other direction to get across the stream to the other side. They appeared to be garganeys. Nilla seems to be spending her own summer break with some friends, since she doesn't seem to know all that much about her own family yet. Here she is, kissing an adorable baby manatee through the glass of his enclosure. Manatees seem to have a habit of squishing their faces against the glass. I don't know, maybe they want to come out and meet the humans. With manatees and dugongs being some of the friendliest animals, I always adored that idea. 😄   The character in the foreground? He's just a secret for now. I'm sure some of you might know him already. You obviously won't recognize him by design, but you'll definitely recognize him by name. Hint: he may be green, but he's neither Jet nor Scourge.  

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  • Jul 25, 2019
    That is a cute little interaction there, it reminds me of the "DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS" signs, but this manatee doesn't seem to mind Smile