Posted Nov 12, 2019, 10:35:37 PM

Another from the Forgotten Realms rp setting. Depicted here are moon elf twins Doe (left), and Dove (right) Starglow posing in front of a waterfall. Two of the first generation of adopted children taken in by Starglow family matriarchs Petal and Flurry of Deepingdale. The pair share a close bond, albeit paired with a somewhat troubling history that at least one of them is only recently starting to properly heal from. In their youth, these two were nigh-inseprable, always up to some mischief or another, spirited and eager to learn. Both of them were born with the gift of innate spellcasting, and have honed this gift since they were quite small. In their later youghIn an unfortunate accident later proved to be a fiendish plot, a devil appeared on the farm after the pair tried to combine their magical energies. It possessed Doe, killing Dove while riding her body, then heading off into the wilderness to slowly torture and break the poor young woman's spirit and body before leaving her scarred and broken and without memory. Dove is ressurected by a local priestess, but when nobody can locate her twin, she is driven mad with grief and frustration, turning to tainted, fell magics to grow stronger. Doe was eventually found, and awkwardly got to know her family all over again for awhile. Today, she has since recovered her memory and healed her body fully, and Dove has given up the dark magic she practiced and destroyed all notes and remnants of her forbidden research, beginning the long, arduous road to fully healing her own spirit. Here we see the pair sharing a moment of closeness not fully felt for decades, even the ornery Dove managing a genuine, if awkward, smile.

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