Jerle Character profile

Posted May 2, 2020, 5:19:15 PM
Character Name: Jerle Shirazin
Character Age: 34
Character Species: Elf
Hair color: Turqoise
Eye color: blue
Brief biography:
Jerle grew up in a middle class elvan family, the third of 5 children. As a child, he was often ignored or overlooked. This has created some insecurity and he often feels he has something to prove.
He's a life long learner and scholar. His specialties are magic and history.
He loves to explore and travel to new worlds because this gives him the opportunity to test his abilities.
He is often perceived as cold or uncaring. But really he's just not the best at expressing himself and his feelings.
Jerle enjoys time alone in solitude with his studies. He usually doesn't like others getting close to him though it remains to be seen why this is the case.

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