Five Man Band

Posted Mar 15, 2021, 11:43:56 PM UTC

My OC's, my dudes, my bros, my nerds, my boys,

After the success of the memes (Snow Day Meme; Fall Festival Meme), I've been toying with the idea of giving these nerds a written series. Writing is fun(?), and I used to do it a lot before I lost all of my reading comprehension! In the event of that happening, I may also come back to this piece and make it a cover.

I was thinking of calling the series "Five Man Band", after the trope.

But that being said, they actually barely fit the trope, and can switch roles depending on the circumstances. Harret (bottom right) is the Smart Guy, and that never changes. Rayon (middle) could technically be The Leader. Without him, the team dissolves into two duos.

After that point, it starts to break down. Terk (red cape) could be a Lancer, Big Guy, or Heart. Noel (bottom left) is technically "The Chick" by default, but her personality is the opposite of the trope - she dislikes the team at large, preferring to duo with Terk, where she becomes his Lancer. Frg (pink hair) can't be explained.

Have I been thinking about this too much? Yes!

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