Sha and Falco

Posted Oct 19, 2021, 12:37:12 AM UTC

This is me/my SI, Sha Pris Amaranth, formerly known as "Sha Aria-Ann Agate" as you can see on my notes I wrote when I was 18 and first drew this sketch of my SI with her pet bird, Falco, named after the StarFox character, and also inspired by a male friend I had at the time. I woulda erased the notes, but none of them are canon anymore anyway, so it doesn't really matter, and is fun to see the differences there were! Sha still adopts Grace, and still receives Falco as a gift from The Howard. We will probably rename Falco by the time we get around to publishing our webcomics, though. This is just a prototype, hehe. So, yeah, I did this sketch when I was 18, and Rob was saying to me, "Did you imagine you'd be colouring your hair blue all these years later?" since the blue hair/wash out dyes are a recent addition to my SI, heh! I want to thank my dear friend, Miriam-chan, for hanging out with me on my livestreams when I worked on this yesterday and today. I decided to colour this old sketch of my SI with her pet bird cos of the Biweekly Art Challenge on PaperDemon's prompt being your OC with their pet . . . I'm a day late though, but oh well - I did get the item to re-visit an old Biweekly Art Challenge from the PD Birthday Sale anyway, so I can use that to get points for the PaperDemon Art RPG! =^.^= ~

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