Posted Nov 9, 2022, 1:46:12 AM UTC

Character Name: Ikarashu Loraine

Character Age: adult (30 earth years)

Character Species: Human

Hair color: brownish black

Eye color: dark brown

Relatives: Artumis Loraine (younger sister), Amateiru Loraine (mother)

Details: Ikarashu is very close with his family and is much more likely to trust them than average joe strangers. He is willing to hear most strangers out, but only to a fault. Ikarashu is more willing to open up to strangers if they have properly earned his trust. Has sharp people sense.

Ikarashu's home is mountainous, covered in pine trees, and very cold at night and during the winter.

Ikarashu, having grown up on a world without magic, and populated entirely by humans (our modern Earth), is naturally inclined to be very wary of anything supernatural. He will leave most alone so long as anything supernatural does not threaten him or his family, but if something does threaten his family, supernatural or no, Ikarashu will respond with swift and decisive retribution.

While Ikarashu is less likely to research his opponents like his sister Artumis, Ikarashu is no less viciously intelligent. Ikarashu excelles at human non-mythical history more than his sister and has great fondness of historical war tales and battle tactics. His prefered weapon is a powerful handgun.

His younger sister, Artumis, calls him by one of two nicknames: Bro or some variation there of, & Squid. Ikarashu only allows his immediate family to ever refer to him as squid, everyone else gets a stern scolding if they try.

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